Opportunity for players to win unlimited treasure chests with a combined total prize of IDR 13,888,888,000. Play the MG LIVE Baccarat game and win guaranteed cash prizes and this time there will also be an iPhone 13 Pro giveaway! Here’s the secret: the more you play, the bigger the prizes!

Event Schedule:
Start: 00:00, 23 May 2022 (GMT+0)
Finish: 23:59, 5 June 2022 (GMT+0)

Weekly iPhone Giveaway
All players playing with RMB, USD, INR, MYR, THB, KRW, IDR and VND currency accounts on MG LIVE are eligible to enter the iPhone Prize Giveaway. Every Monday during the promotion period, one lucky winner will be chosen at random to win an iPhone 13 Pro 256 GB.
iPhone 13 Pro Draw Date:
Monday, May 30, 2022
Monday, June 6, 2022

Baccarat Treasure Chest Hunt
All screenshots shown in this section are for reference only.

Step 1 (Win Locked Chests): Eligible players will get locked chests by accumulating valid bets from Baccarat game.
Player Account Currency –> IDR
Accumulated Bet Amount For Each Crate –> IDR 12,000,000

Step 2 (Countdown): After the player receives a new locked chest, it will enter a 3 hour countdown stage before it can be opened. At any time, only 1 chest can enter the countdown stage. The countdown to the next locked chest, if any, will start automatically once the previous chest has completed its countdown.

Step 3 (Unlocked): After the 3 hour countdown is complete, the chest that was in the previously locked state will be ready for the player to open.

Step 4 (Open & Collect Rewards): Now players can click on chests and collect their rewards. The amount of all prizes is determined randomly. Each treasure chest contains cash prizes up to: IDR 600,000

Q: How many chests can each player pick up during the event?
A: There is no limit to the number of chests a player can win. Players can win multiple treasure chests (no maximum limit) as long as the prizes are still available. However, players can only keep a maximum of 3 locked chests at any time. The accumulation of bets for new chests will stop temporarily if the player already has 3 chests in locked status and will only continue, if the player has managed to get a reward from one of the locked chests.

Q: How does the player check the status of his treasure chest every time?
A: Players can view the real-time status of their chests on the promotion page accessible from within the MG LIVE client.
Method 1 – MG LIVE Lobby ->click the “Gift” Icon in the top right corner
Method 2 – Menu icon in top right corner ->click “Treasure Chest”

Q: What if the player has an unopened chest after the event ends?
A: Players will have 1 day after the promotion period ends to open locked chests. Prizes on all unopened chests after the completion of the redemption period will be considered forfeited.


  1. If the total prize pool is exhausted before a player wins a new chest, that player will not receive any additional rewards.
  2. MG LIVE reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this event at their sole discretion and without prior notice.
  3. In the event of a dispute regarding the content of the page, the English version shall prevail.

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