Our Features

Combining advanced technological infrastructure, powerful back office system, rapid setup and integration, and support service, we have the solution to manage the full operation.


We can organize a dedicated, centrally hosted, multi-layered infrastructure at the most appropriate location. The system can be scaled easily to adapt the continuously growth of the business. To achieve the scalability, we implement modern architecture and technology, including High Availability Clusters, Load Balancing on Web and Media Servers, Database Replication and Cloud computing. We constantly concentrate on industry standards to provide the safe and secure solutions to our customers. The system is protected with multiple security layers and mechanisms, including SSL, DDOS protection service, data encryption and firewall.

Setup and Integration Process

With a highly customizable product, we can ensure a simple and rapid integration process in order to keep up with our customer's business plan. It will take only 2 short weeks to do the set up the system configuration, infrastructure and required basic customization. The web site will use our readily available template layout to showcase the professional look and feel interface.

Maintenance and Support

Successful partnerships depend on not only deployment/integration services but also ongoing Maintenance & Support services. This approach ensures stable operation and achievement of long term goal built into your business plan.

How it works

Examples of our maintenance & support services include:


Pre-launch systems and operations training/knowledge transfer.


First or second line proactive & reactive service level agreements.


Infrastructure monitoring & performance management.

We provides unique and flexible engagement models as per the business needs of all its clients.

We have successfully delivered and have extensive experiences in supporting wide range of projects in the gaming industry, gaming on multiple platforms including web and mobile domains.
Nexus Engine provides end to end services that includes, design, develop, test and deploy your business applications to respective server locations and support.

We provide a detailed study In order to provide custom build solutions across various domains

Nexus Engine has excellent team of experienced in-house designers, architects, analysts and developers. We have well experienced and talented and certified system engineers, programmers, senior project managers and project management professionals in respective technologies.
Scope of Works

Plan, design and documentation a new online gaming system

Scope of Works

Offsite Server Setup

Scope of Works

DDOS Security & Online Gaming System Software Setup


Dealer Training

IT Training

Backend System Training

Monthly Maintenance & Support

Scope Exclusions
  • Tables & Layout Setup
  • Hardware cabling & barcode scanner installation
  • Camera programming (zoom in/out, rotate, move … )
  • Setup camera, lighting system following lighting requirement (adjust white balance, adjust prespective …)
  • Prepare camera dock
  • Table internet cabling Video cabling
  • Setup IPLC/VPN connectivity
  • Setup Firewall
  • Negotiations and implementation issues with 3rd party suppliers outside TG direct involvement
  • Additional software or hardware required for implementing solutions outlined and not specified in this proposal
  • Installation and configuration of any equipment not within the scope of the proposed solution
  • Any additional costs not controlled by TG such as ad-hoc charges (ISP domain name registration, mail forwarding services, etc .)
  • Work on sites other than those specified within the scope of this document
  • In the event of TG personnel is requested, airfare and accommodation expenses will be borne by the Operator