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Nexus Engine is the best online game service provider, integrated API and platform. With superior features and technology, with high flexibility and scalability, which can evolve together with your needs and wants.

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We can organize a dedicated, centrally hosted, multi-layered infrastructure at the most appropriate location. The system can be scaled easily to adapt the continuously growth of the business.

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To achieve the scalability, we implement modern architecture and technology, including High Availability Clusters, Load Balancing on Web and Media Servers, Database Replication and Cloud computing.

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Successful partnerships depend on not only deployment/integration services but also ongoing Maintenance & Support services. This approach ensures stable operation and achievement of long term goal built into your business plan.

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Nexus Engine provides full range of solutions and services to help you to be a successful online casino operator. We has track record to successfully setup and established casino online with great results in terms of revenue profits . We are also highly flexible and provide professional assistance throughout the entire process. We are the perfect choice to support you in your journey to a profitable online casino business.


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Nexus Engine

Nexus Engine is an online game service provider and the only online casino, poker, slot, arcade, toto game licensing agent based in Indonesia.

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